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Gear list
Gear List for Peak
Majority of items in this gear list can be rented or bought in Kathmandu.
- High quality sunglasses. Slide pieces are not essential; we can always use tape for a day. 
- Neck gaiter or balaclava 
- New liner gloves (i.e. thin gloves)
- Fleece gloves/wind stopper gloves
- Windproof gloves/mittens if you don’t have wind stopper ones
- Trekking pole
- Ice axe, non-technical is generally better
- Crampons
- Light harness (Black Dimond Alpine Bod is perfect)
- Belay device: ATC or figure of 8 etc
- Two locking carabineers, two ordinary ones
- Two prussic, one short, one longer
- Windproof pants- you can buy in kathmandu cheaply
- Snow gaiters
- Plastic boots/ leather boots
- Leather boot waterproofing (snow seal etc)
Sleeping Bag
Down-filled bags (4-5 seasons) are the best to bring because high altitude nights will be cold, and there is nothing worse than to be cold at night.
Sleeping bag liner
Cotton, silk or fleece. Saves washing your sleeping bag and adds warmth. Cotton or silk ones can be made in Kathmandu but are more easily bought from home. Ones are readily available in Kathmandu and will cost you next to nothing.

Day Pack
This should be comfortable and a good waistband that transfers some of the weight to the hips is most important. It needs to be big enough to take a jacket, fleece, water, camera etc. You pack your daypack in the morning and give the rest of your baggage to the porters. You should have everything you need trough the day with you, since it is likely that we don’t see the porters again before we camp for the night.

Down Jacket
If you don’t already have a down jacket they can easily be rented in Kathmandu.

It is always sensible to climb with a helmet, but it is one more thing to carry and only for a few hours. For the trekking peaks it is rare for climbers to use a helmet, but that is your decision. On island Peak rock fall is possible but rare.
Note: Please schedule your flight to arrive Kathmandu 2 days prior to the departure date. It will need to prepare for the climbing.